Accelerating the fusion between the best of science and nature.

01 The New Zealand Dairy Company

We are advanced nutrition collaborators from New Zealand, accelerating the fusion between the best of science and the best of nature. Our focus is providing the world with superior natural flavours, mouth feel and nutritional value from milk, along with the reassurance of our traceable grass-to-glass value chain.

Our Services

We collaborate with clients from around the world who share our passion for advanced nutrition from milk. By ensuring our processes and products achieve the highest standards in safety, nutrition and performance, we build partnerships that last. Our services include:

– Product design
– Milk powder formulation blending
– Packing in cans, sachets & pouches
– Laboratory testing
– Import and export documentation
– Grass-to-glass traceability

Our Quality Standards

We are committed to the highest local and international standards for business operations, production processes and milk products. Quality Standards we are committed to:

– FSSC 22000 – Q (in compliance with ISO 9001 -2008), ISO 14001 
– IANZ (Laboratory Certification)
– Chinese GMP
– Organic
– Kosher
– Halal
– WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance)

Memberships / Partnerships

– AsureQuality is our strategic partner in food safety and quality.

– Seperex Nutritional's is our strategic partner for advanced nutrition innovation located in the Centre for Innovation on The Otago University Campus, Dunedin, New Zealand.

– Member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. 


Advanced Lifestage Nutrition


An advanced vacuum-based powder blending and packing system.

02 Nutravac™

Our Nutravac™ technology features an advanced vacuum blending system that removes the need for mechanical stirrers and the damaging contact they can have with your powdered ingredients. The facility creates an exceptionally fine and well-integrated blend for optimal product consistency and solubility.

We own and operate a new state-of-the-art production facility that includes an onsite testing laboratory and our unique Nutravac™ continuous vacuum gentle blending and packing system. Our lab is IANZ Certified.

Gentle Vacuum Blending

Nutravac™ low impact, low oxygen blending and packaging environment ensures optimal retention of your ingredients’ natural properties and freshness. This system provides our partners' consumers with the best possible flavour and mouth feel while delivering high nutrient levels. 

Vacuum Packing Technology

The benefit of a hygienic vacuum environment flows into the packing process. Nutravac™ provides our partners with a gentle, hygienic and highly efficient system. Using advanced Bosch and PLF technologies, we can pack sachets, pouches and cans.

Optimal Product Properties

Nutravac™ low impact, low oxygen blending and packaging environment ensures optimal retention of your ingredients’  natural properties and freshness. This system provides our partners' consumers with the best possible flavour and mouth feel while delivering high nutrients levels. 

High Product Security

The gentle Nutravac™ vacuum environment virtually eliminates the opportunity for mechanical and airborne contamination during processing. This means our partners' company reputations and consumers' health are in safe and secure hands.

Efficient Operation

Designed for our highly flexible and efficient operation, the Nutravac™ System enables cost-effective short-runs, eliminating the costs and quality losses associated with maintaining higher stock levels in our partners' supply chain.

Grass-to-Glass Traceability

Our services for partners and clients include internationally approved traceability. We are able to provide full supply chain verification, allowing consumers to digitally check our partners' product origins and other information.


Continuous Vacuum System


Nature’s kiss, together with the best of science

03 Nature’s Kiss, together with the best of science

For optimal health and development, people require different levels of essential nutrients at each stage of their life. In collaboration with farmers, nutritionists and researchers, Kihi brings together the best of science and nature in delicious milk formulas with nutrient profiles designed for specific groups of consumers.

The Goodness in Milk

For generations, milk was simply seen as a great food for growing children. Today there are more known properties of milk, and the contribution many of them make to our well-being is only just beginning to be understood. With the help of advanced technologies, milk has become a natural base source for an increasing range of individual nutritional supplements.

The Delicate Balance of Nature

To give each Kihi life-stage milk formula the precise nutrient profile required, we gently blend in additional components of milk using our Nutravac™ continuous vacuum technology. It allows us to carefully supplement nature with nature, while protecting the nutrients, flavour and easy digestion of delicious Kihi milk.

Lifestyles Removed From Nature

Modern lifestyles are placing increasing strain on people at all stages of their lives. For many, maintaining a healthy nutritional balance has become increasingly difficult. This has created a world-wide need for dietary supplements that are carefully designed to match individual requirements. Kihi milk formulas provide targeted high-density nutrition in a more natural form.

Learning Through Science

Around the world, scientific research is continually adding to what we know about ourselves and the natural world. This includes our understanding of the nutrients required for optimal health and development at each stage of life. By collaborating with global experts, we’ve ensured Kihi milk formulas offer people appropriate nutrition for their current stage.

Grass-To-Glass Traceability

Kihi milk formulas come with an internationally approved traceability system. This provides full supply chain verification and allows consumers to check each product’s origins and factual information via a mobile phone application.


Advanced Lifestage Nutrition


Bringing together the best in research and development.

04 Our People

The New Zealand Dairy Company is led by a team with proven international experience, united with a passion for milk’s potential to support the health and well-being of consumers at all ages.

Dr Jan Werkman PhD

Dr Jan Werkman PhD
General Manager, Business Development

A wealth of industry experience working globally with world leaders in dairy, Dr Werkman’s distinguished career in food science engineering is ideally suited in designing and commissioning The New Zealand Dairy Company’s secure Nutravac™ manufacturing facility, a world first. 

With qualifications in chemistry and microbiology including a medical degree, he brings considerable knowledge of protein separation and UF-micro filtration in the development of advanced human nutrition products. Over a period of 30 years Dr Werkman has designed, commissioned and run a wide range of complex dairy manufacturing facilities specialising in human nutrition. 

05 Contact

Situated close to Auckland's International Airport, our new state-of-the-art production facility has been built at the gateway to the Waikato and King Country regions – New Zealand’s pasture-fed dairy heartlands.


The New Zealand Dairy Co.

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